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An Honest Roofing Company for Janesville

Renowned Building Solutions is proud to conduct thorough and enduring renovations for the people of Janesville. From windows and gutters to whole roofs and siding, we have the requisite skills for the most comprehensive renovations.

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How We Serve Janesville

As a company that helps to maintain businesses as well as homes, we’re happy to keep this town a fun place to live. Since 2014, we’ve enjoyed our trips to Janesville, fixing up roofs, gutters, windows and siding for all types of buildings.

40 miles south of Madison, the town of Janesville boasts the beautiful Rotary Botanical Gardens sprawl for 20 acres that contain thousands of distinct species of plants. Once sunset rolls around, you can stop at local restaurants or breweries on your way home, like the Rock County Brewing Company.

Residential Roofing in Janesville

When we work on Wisconsin homes, we don’t use just anything to do it. We use only the best roofing material from great vendors who’ve certified us to install their products. As a preferred contractor for Owens Corning and a master shingles applicator of CertainTeed, we have plenty of experience installing shingles that endure for decades.

Commercial Roofing in Janesville

Commercial roof repair requires as keen an eye as ours. That’s why our services don’t begin and end with some shoddy caulk over a hole. We have experience with all types of commercial roofing, from BUR to modified bitumen roofing. If you’re ready for us to get to work on your business’s new roof, we’ll conduct the installation discreetly enough for you to stay open the whole time.

Storm Damage Claims in Janesville

Concerned about whether or not insurance will pay for repairs? Let us take care of that for you! We have years of experience gathering evidence and wrangling with insurance companies’ public adjusters. While we can’t summon money from thin air, we can make sure you earn all the coverage to which you’re entitled in the event of storm damage.

Siding Replacement in Janesville

Old siding jeopardizes a lot more than looks, though that is a big part of the problem. Solid siding is among your home’s most effective bastions against the elements. If your siding has succumbed to mold or other forms of wear and tear, your thermostat will cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Keep your home comfortable with our enduring, custom siding installations.

Gutters in Janesville

If your home is old enough, its gutters may have seams that trap debris. Yes, you should clean your gutters, but you shouldn’t have to do it all the time. Stay off your slippery ladder by letting us install seamless gutters that we tailor down to dimensions and color for each home. We might even change downspouts in the interest of more effective drainage.

Window Replacement in Janesville

As professional window installers, we recognize that glass is an amorphous solid, “melting” over time. When a window is on its last legs, it’s letting in drafts, mold and allergens, but our replacements can endure for years upon years. Once we help you find windows whose style complements your home, our installation process will take no more than two days.

Enjoy Trustworthy Roofing in Janesville, WI Today

As our track record demonstrates, we’re highly skilled in renovations for businesses and homes, alike. If you need new gutters, windows, siding, or even a new roof, Renowned Building Solutions is ready to help.

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