Map of where Renowned Building Solutions provides roofing services in Algonquin

A Trustworthy Roofing Company for Algonquin, IL

Working in Algonquin is a treat for Renowned Building Solutions. We’re happy to do everything we can to make its idyllic abodes look even better. Beyond appearances, our work has created tougher, more comfortable homes for residents of Algonquin as well as the rest of Chicagoland.

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How We Serve Algonquin, IL

What’s best about Algonquin is the effort it puts into its old town. Many businesses thrive on or near this strip, including Scorched Earth Brewing. In the summer, we can always go to the local pool to cool off.

Just under a decade ago, when we founded Renowned Building Solutions, residents of Algonquin began to contact us for new roofs, windows, siding and gutters. We’ve conducted major renovations in this town, working discreetly enough for businesses to stay open and homes to stay occupied. The people of Algonquin have depended on us for top-quality customer service and empathetic transparency.

A Residential Roofing Company for Algonquin, IL

We work so precisely as to require only one to two days of work to complete your new roof.  After our meticulous and professional installation, we’ll remove any leftover detritus before we leave. When it’s all said and done, your beautiful new roof will be the envy of the entire neighborhood.

Commercial Roof Repair in Algonquin, IL

A new roof for your business is a big deal. When we prepare to work on your business’s roof, not only will we talk to you about costs and types of roof, but we’ll also talk building codes as well as schedules that’ll allow us to work most discreetly. We’ll be equally communicative while we’re working.

Storm Damage Claims in Algonquin, IL

Our licensed public adjusters are familiar with the effects that all types of storm damage can have on residential and commercial properties, so we know we can help you file claims as effectively as possible. After you qualify for coverage, we can present videos and images of the damage to the insurance company’s adjuster on your behalf. This should get you all the coverage to which you’re entitled.

Siding Repair in Algonquin, IL

The best siding accomplishes everything from higher curb appeal and property value to better temperature control and lower energy bills. Selection among excellent variations of siding can seem overwhelming at first, and that’s why we’ll talk with you about texture, color and longevity among other important aspects of siding. We can work together to abandon options outside your budget.

Gutters Across Algonquin, IL

Our seamless gutters cater to all homes. We work closely with customers to select colors and sizes that fit their homes best. We also offer ongoing maintenance, which includes soffit, fascia and gutter helmet repair. Seamless gutters are less likely to clog, and they may even boost curb appeal.

Window Replacement in Algonquin, IL

Great windows prioritize energy efficiency and consistent indoor temperatures. Our simple and professional installation will make them work even harder for you. Installation takes no more than two days, and we’ll make sure it’ll keep your windows as energy-efficient as possible for years to come.

Enjoy Trustworthy Roofing in Algonquin, IL Today

Renowned Building Solutions has been proud to make Algonquin’s homes look even better than they already do. Whether you need an entire roof or a replacement for a broken window, we have the skills and materials to conduct the best installations.

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