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Residential Roofing for Your Peace of Mind

No one wants to think about their roof. We get that. That’s why our mission is to make your residential roofing project as stress-free as possible. Whether you’re looking for a quote or help with an insurance claim, our team delivers the long-lasting roof repairs you need. We work with trusted brands like Owens Corning and provide efficient 1–2-day installation in McHenry, IL, and the entire Chicagoland region. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Our Team Makes Getting a New Roof Enjoyable

We understand if you dread getting a new roof. With so many bad residential roofing companies out there, your fears are justified. However, Renowned Building Solutions is on a mission to restore your faith in the exterior home renovation industry. Rather than shadiness and dishonesty, our team does everything with good ethics and integrity, which makes us incredibly enjoyable to work with.

Here are just some of the ways we make projects pleasant for homeowners:

  • Kind – Our team members are friendly, comfortable to work with and polite.
  • Clear – We make complex roofing and insurance concepts easy to understand.
  • Available – You can always contact us whenever you have questions or need assistance.
  • Passionate – We fight on your behalf to get the insurance coverage you deserve.
  • Honest – Our sales team never tries to sell you something you don’t need.
  • Conscientious – We refuse to cut corners on a project because you matter most to us.
  • Careful – Our professional team will care for your property even better than we treat our own.
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How Residential Roofing Works with Renowned Building Solutions

Excellent residential roofing is in the details. Therefore, we are very thorough with our step-by-step roofing process and upfront about everything you can expect. Here’s what you can anticipate for your home roof repair or replacement project:

Home being prepared for roof repair

Detailed Preparation

We’ll sit down with you to agree on all the details, including the price. You can expect to pay between $5-$15 per square foot, depending on the material and the project’s complexity. We’ll also go through a pre-start checklist and inspect everything down to the plywood decking.

Workers installing proven products during a roof replacement project

Proven Products

We only use the best roofing products from top brands like Owens Corning, Mulehide, IKO, GAF and CertainTeed. On top of this, our craftsmanship also comes certified by these brands. We are proud to be an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor and a CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator.

A complete roof replacement project

Precise Execution

Our detailed preparation will pay off as you enjoy a smooth and efficient residential roofing project. Renovations will take between 1-2 days, depending on the project’s scope. Once the project is complete, we will clean up to leave your home looking better and cleaner than it was when we came.

We’ll Fight for Your Insurance Coverage

Homes in McHenry, IL, and the Chicagoland region frequently need storm damage roof repair. Unfortunately, most major insurance companies don’t care about the damage to these roofs. They make it difficult for homeowners to claim the coverage they should get.

We don’t want you to fight this losing battle. Instead, our in-house public adjuster will work to get you as much insurance coverage as possible in the event of a loss. We have already settled over 4,000 insurance claims across the country. Here’s how we’ll do it for you:

Evidence of storm damage on a residential roof

Step 1: Initial Assessment

A residential roofing contractor will come to your home and perform an initial assessment of your roof. This assessment will include video analysis. We’ll show you the video and explain what we’re seeing so that you can fully understand the situation.

Closeup of a hand using a pen to complete an insurance claim form

Step 2: Explain Next Steps

Once the assessment is complete, we will tell you whether we think you qualify for a claim. If you do, we will walk you through the steps of the filing process. However, if you don’t qualify, we will still give you a free quote on your residential roofing project.

Roofer inspecting beneath the shingles on a roof

Step 3: Insurance Inspection

If your home does file a claim, we will meet with the insurance adjuster and present our findings when they come to inspect your home. In this way, we will work on your behalf to get you all the coverage you deserve.

Roofer shaking hands with a homeowner

Step 4: Agree to the Project

Once we reach an insurance settlement, we will sit down with you and discuss all aspects of the residential roofing project. We will then draw up a four-page contract and go through it with you to set expectations before you sign it.

Lasting Benefits for You to Enjoy

Our Chicago residential roofers will leave you with all the following benefits to bring a smile to your face:

Affordable Payments

Along with getting as much insurance coverage as possible, we also offer financing and discounts to keep high-quality residential roofing affordable.

A Beautiful Roof

Your new roof will look incredible. Our team will leave you with a stunning before and after difference that will make you the envy of your neighborhood.

Extended Warranties

We’re proud to offer extended warranties of up to 50 years that our competitors cannot. The peace of mind you and your family receive will last for decades!

Our Customers Agree

Hear about our residential roofing service straight from previous customers below! Want to hear more? Check out our testimonials page!

Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Roofing

Are you looking for helpful and honest residential roofing companies near you? Renowned Building Solutions provides honest service to meet all your needs. We’ve put together helpful answers to some important questions to ask as you consider what to do about your roof.

Don’t see your question addressed below? Please check out our FAQs page or call 844-736-6961 to get all the information you need!

Do I need roof repair or replacement?

There are two different types of residential roofing: roof repair and roof replacement. Roof repair involves fixing a damaged section of the roof. Roof replacement involves completely tearing off the old roofing system and installing a new one.

Repair is a good option when the damage to your roof is limited to one spot. For example, if you’re missing one section of shingles or a hole is causing your roof to leak, you will want to opt for roof repair.

Conversely, you need replacement if the roof damage is widespread, or the roof is multiple decades old. In these instances, roof replacement is essential for keeping your roof structurally sound.

Our team will help you determine which service makes the most sense for you. We provide both roof repair and roof replacement for homes throughout Chicagoland.

Has hail damaged my roof?

One of the most common ways roofs receive widespread damage is from hailstorms. That’s why it’s important to know what hail damage on a roof looks like. If you notice a random assortment of inch-wide dents on your roof, then there’s a good chance you’ve received hail damage. These dents are often soft to the touch and leave the underlayment exposed beneath the shingles.

You can also safely inspect for signs of hail damage from the ground by checking your siding and downspouts for dents.

How do I know if my roof is too old?

How often you should replace your roof will depend on the type of roofing material you have. Most roofs have asphalt shingles, which typically last 20-30 years before needing replacement. Other materials, such as residential metal roofing last significantly longer.

Warning signs your roofing system is too old include multiple missing or damaged shingles, a sagging roof and water damage or leaks inside the home.

Will insurance help cover my residential roofing project?

Insurance companies will usually help cover the costs of a new roof if there is sufficient evidence that a storm has damaged the roof. However, if the roof was not installed properly or is more than a decade old, then you probably won’t receive as much coverage.

The best way to get the insurance coverage you’re entitled to is to hire the best residential roofing company near Chicago. At Renowned Building Solutions, we have licensed public adjusters on staff who can thoroughly inspect your roof and meet with the insurance company for you to ensure you receive the coverage you deserve.

What is your service area for home roofing?

Our primary service area is the Chicago suburbs and Southern Wisconsin. This includes Illinois cities like Algonquin, Barrington, Crystal Lake, McHenry and Naperville and Wisconsin cities like Janesville, Milwaukee, New Berlin and Waukesha. We have also provided services in Indiana and North Carolina.

What sets your company apart from other residential roofing contractors?

The mission of our roofing company is to bring integrity back to the roofing industry. Unfortunately, some contractors have given our industry a bad name. They care more about getting paid and completing the roof as quickly as possible than the customers they’re serving.

We’re flipping that on its head by putting the customer’s needs first throughout the roofing project. We do this by staying in close communication with customers throughout the project and refusing to cut corners. As a result, you will always receive the highest quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service from our team.

Do you offer financing for residential projects?

Yes! Please contact us to learn about the financing options we offer.

Do you have the necessary licenses and insurance for residential roofing?

Yes! Our company has all the necessary licenses in the regions we serve. We’re a licensed unlimited roofing contractor in Illinois and have a dwelling contractor’s license in Wisconsin. We also have licensed public adjusters on staff and are a preferred contractor of All Peril Public Adjusters.

All our work is completely insured. We have all necessary bonds, workman’s compensation, general liability insurance and umbrella insurance.

How long does a typical roofing project take?

Residential roofing projects typically take between 1-2 days from start to finish. However, this time can vary depending on the scope of the project.

What warranty coverage do you provide for residential projects?

Every project comes with a five-year labor warranty. With the weather we have in the Midwest, you should know if there are any issues with our work within the first five years. If anything comes up during that time, you can call us, and we’ll make it right free of charge.

How do you handle unexpected weather issues during the project?

Our policy is to expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to the weather. We watch the radar like a hawk and will never put your roof at risk if we know there’s a chance of storms in the area. Instead, when there is a chance of storms, we will only work on small portions of the roof rather than removing all the shingles at once and leaving the decking vulnerable.

This can cause delays and make the project move along more slowly than we anticipated. But we would rather have delays than have your roof incur avoidable damage during the project.

What steps do you take to protect my property?

One of the ways we put your needs first during a residential roofing project is by treating your property better than we’d treat our own. We are very careful to tarp over all plants and decorations that may be damaged by our work. We also move any deck or patio furniture out of the way to protect it.

How do you protect your residential roofers during projects?

We follow strict safety rules for every project. All workers are required to follow OSHA standards. We also have safety harnesses, hard hats and safety glasses available at every worksite.

How do you clean up after the work is done?

We take several steps to leave your property better looking and cleaner than it was when we came. These steps include:

  • Blowing all debris out of the gutters and off the roof
  • Sweeping debris off the deck and driveway
  • Picking up nails with a magnetic roller
  • Moving all decorations and furniture back to their original spots
  • Disposing of all garbage in a trailer and hauling it away

What happens if I’m not satisfied with the work?

We don’t consider the project complete until you’re completely satisfied. If you notice something that’s not as you’d like it to be, call us and we’ll return to fix it on our dime.

Do you offer emergency roofing services?

Yes! We provide emergency tarping and service if the repairs need to get done right away.

Need Construction with Integrity on Your Roof?

It would be our pleasure to take the stress of residential roofing off your shoulders. We serve homes in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Please call us today at 844-736-6961 or fill out the form below to get a free quote!

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