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A Transparent Roofing Company for Woodstock, IL

For Renowned Building Solutions, there’s no greater privilege than restoring Woodstock’s historic buildings with the best roofing techniques. We’ve worked diligently to maintain homes and businesses all over town. With any luck, we can help you, too.

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How We Serve Woodstock, IL

Founded in the 19th century, Woodstock has been a bastion of Victorian architecture for almost 200 years. Structures as old as the local opera house are still in use today, and someone needs to maintain them, so why not us?

We founded Renowned Building Solutions in 2014, and we’ve accumulated lots of experience over these few years. As our popularity grew, we began to receive more customers, including our neighbors in Woodstock. Admiring our meticulous, discreet work, residents and business owners realized they’d found a top-quality roofing contractor.

Residential Roof Repair in Woodstock, IL

With our help, your roofs will be beautiful enough to make neighbors jealous. We also specialize in external and internal roofing problems well enough to direct your attention toward any obstructions in ventilation that might be causing your shingles to curl early.

Commercial Roof Repair in Woodstock, IL

As expensive as commercial roofing can be upfront, but nothing lessens repair costs like having a high-quality roof in the first place. Our repertoire is full of great techniques that allows us to work with modified bitumen and TPO. We also apply chemical coatings that increase weather resistance for more effective indoor temperature management.

Storm Damage Claims for Woodstock, IL

We’re familiar with all types of storm damage, and our licensed public adjusters have been handling difficult conversations with insurance companies for a decade. We catch everything on camera before presenting the damage to you and the insurance company. If you contact us before you contact the insurance company, we can provide more help from the start.

Siding Replacement in Woodstock, IL

Siding addresses many facets of homeownership, including better curb appeal, higher property value and more direct temperature control. Little maintenance is necessary to keep siding working properly, so please consider reaching out to us about making the investment.

Gutters in Woodstock, IL

Our seamless gutters are much less likely to clog than others, and we offer them in many colors. Our precise inspection can help us make your durable custom gutters. We’ll review damage and make measurements, noting possible improvements and including those improvements in our quote.

Window Replacement in Woodstock, IL

Our energy-efficient windows maximize indoor comfort and muffle outdoor sounds. We need only one to two days for installation, and while we install, we’ll try to be in and out of your home as little as possible. Even better windows can increase curb appeal, so it’s best not to forget about them.

Enjoy Trustworthy Roofing in Woodstock, IL Today

We’ve been happy to restore Victorian buildings in Woodstock. If you’re thinking about enlisting new roofers, please peruse the rest of our site or contact us directly. We’d love to chat with you about next steps.

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