Siding Installation to Increase Your Home’s Value

Is your old siding falling apart? It could leave your home’s interior vulnerable to harsh weather and increase your heating or cooling energy costs! But that’s nothing professional siding installation can’t fix! Our team can install beautiful new siding on your home for enhanced curb appeal, lower energy bills, greater protection from the elements and more! Contact us today for a free quote.

Experience Trustworthy Siding Replacement

At Renowned Building Solutions, our mission is to bring integrity back into all aspects of home renovation, including siding installation or replacement. Therefore, we will always prioritize your needs during the entire siding installation process.

We know the warning signs to look out for when considering replacing siding on a house. These include severely faded siding, rotting, warping, cracking, moldy or damaged by a storm.

If your siding has these red flags and you want siding replacement, here’s how we can help you:

Two people going over the plans for siding installation

In-Depth Consultation

Our team will come to your home for an initial consultation. We’ll thoroughly examine your current siding and give you a free quote. Once you agree to the quote, we’ll work out a detailed project schedule with you and help with insurance coverage if necessary.

Material options for replacing siding

Siding Selection

Part of this initial planning phase will include working with you to choose the siding for your home. We’ll help you pick from various colors and materials to fit your style and budget. You can learn more about the top products and brands we work with below.

A worker professionally installing siding on a home

Convenient Installation

We’ll complete all aspects of the project to your utmost satisfaction. A typical siding installation lasts no more than 1-2 days. In that time, we will keep from disrupting traffic in and out of the home and thoroughly clean up afterward to leave your property spotless.

Get Top Results from Premium Quality Products

We’re proud to offer our siding customers an incredible selection of industry-leading products to choose from. Our team has the knowledge and experience to install the following siding types the right way to maximize their benefits:

  • Vinyl Siding – Low-maintenance modern siding from top brands like Royal, Mastic and Veriform
  • LP SmartSide Fiber Board – Extremely durable siding to protect your home against damage
  • JamesHardie Cement Board – Strong siding effective at withstanding nature’s harsh elements
  • Cedar Siding – Long-lasting and decorative siding that can be cut and shaped to match any style

All these sidings come in a variety of shapes and colors. Our team will help you find the perfect choice for your home and budget.

Receive Insurance Coverage Assistance

Homeowners in the towns we serve, such as McHenry, IL, and Crystal Lake, IL, are all too familiar with the threat of storm or hail damage to their siding. If a storm recently damaged your home’s exterior, our team could also help you get the insurance coverage you deserve.

We’ve already assisted in settling over 4,000 insurance claims across the country. Here’s how the process works:

Step 1: Initial Inspection

We’ll come to your home and thoroughly inspect the damage to your siding. This process will include recording videos of all the damage. Irrefutable evidence (like videos or images) helps ensure a quick and painless insurance claim process.

Step 2: Explain Our Findings

Once we’ve thoroughly investigated your siding, we’ll present our findings to you and tell you if we think you’d qualify for a claim. Then, we’ll help you file the claim if you’d like to move forward, including being available to answer any questions you may have.

Step 3: Meeting with Adjuster

If you file a claim, an insurance adjuster will come to your home, and we’ll be there to meet with them. We’ll explain our findings to ensure you get the coverage you deserve. The adjuster will likely want to look for themselves, too. This is normal.

Step 4: Start the Project

After we’ve reached an insurance settlement, we’ll move forward with planning out your siding replacement project with you. If necessary, part of this can include trying to stay within the budget set by your settlement. Regardless, we’ll always be upfront with you about costs.

Enjoy These Fantastic Benefits

If you’ve been on the fence about getting professional siding installation, it’s essential to understand the full scope of benefits you’ll likely receive. After all, siding replacement is the gift that keeps on giving for all these reasons and more:

Add New Beauty

Nothing can revitalize the curb appeal of a home like replacing its siding. The new exterior will maximize your home’s aesthetic value for years to come.

Save More Money

The new siding installation will improve your home’s insulation to lower heating and cooling bills. Plus, maintenance-free options like vinyl save on repair costs.

Storm Protection

Worried about damaging winds or hail? Invest in durable fiberboard or cement siding to enjoy peace of mind during those stormy spring months.

Raise Home Value

Siding installation can also be great for selling a home. New siding is extremely appealing to home buyers and could improve your selling price.

Our Customers Agree

Hear from a few of our pleased customers below. Want to hear more? Check out our customer testimonials page!

Frequently Asked Questions About Siding Installation

We want to ensure you understand everything you need to about your siding installation project. That’s why we’ve answered a few of the questions our customers commonly ask below. Of course, if you don’t find the answer to your question below, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can also check out our comprehensive FAQ page for immediate answers.

How much does siding installation cost?

The cost of siding installation can vary significantly based on your project’s parameters. The size of your home and the type of siding you choose will factor into the total price. For the most accurate cost estimate, we recommend getting a free quote today.

Should siding or gutters be installed on a house first?

Generally, it’s recommended you install siding before gutters. This way, there aren’t any installation issues when (or if) the gutters need to overlap the siding. But, when you work with a construction professional for these projects, they can tell you definitively which should be completed first.

Why is siding important?

Siding is important because:

  • It protects your home from harmful weather elements
  • Improves home security
  • May dampen noise pollution inside your home
  • Increase your home’s curb appeal
  • Decreases energy costs by providing additional insulation

Can I install siding myself?

Technically, you can install siding yourself. However, the chances of installing it incorrectly or causing damage (to the siding or your home) are high. For this reason, we strongly suggest having your siding installation done professionally. It’ll save you a lot of hassle in the long run, and it’s guaranteed to look great.

When does siding need to be replaced?

Depending on the material used, your home’s siding should last between 10 and 50 years. This means you’ll generally need to have your siding replaced at least once during your lifetime.

New siding installation should be done when your material has reached the end of its lifespan or has started showing apparent signs of damage. Obvious signs of damage may include cracking, peeling away from the home, holes or other defects.

Ready to Give Your Home a Makeover?

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