Renowned Building Solutions since 2014

Trust is important when making a decision to renovate your home or business. At Renowned we keep a transparent open book procedure with every customer on every project. So whether its working with your insurance company, or putting on a new roof rest assured you will be updated every step.

Our team is dedicated to relieving the stress when it comes to your renovation. The core values of our company are the most important thing we feel in sharing our company with you. Below are our company’s core values.


  1. To build trust through transparency ethics and integrity
  2. Always take responsibility
  3. Finish the most daunting tasks while maintaining a positive attitude
  4. Maintain accurate self appraisal to provide a better organization and better customer experience
  5. To create a positive yet challenging workplace that inspires growth
  6. To overcome obscurity by always exceeding expectations
  7. To always respect individual beliefs, culture and values
  8. Communicate effectively to overcome difficulties and remain accountable
  9. Lift and encourage the people around you to achieve both personal and professional targets
  10. To uphold company values, reputation, and vision

Renowned Building Solutions was created to solve the problem of integrity in the construction industry. Too often customers are left scratching their heads and unsatisfied when at the end of their project. We offer a customer experience beyond that our competitors are willing to offer matched with top notch craftsmanship.


Steve got a start with a local construction company and quickly worked his way up to being the vice president of operations. During the year of 2013 Steve’s ambitions outgrew…

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Financial Coordinator

Amy Joined Renowned in April of 2018. She has quickly become a key part of the financial department as she works side by side with Ashley to make sure that…

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Junior Project Estimator

Being a native from the Chicago suburbs, Anna is quite familiar with the encompassing areas and the people within which makes her an ideal choice when it comes to working…

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Field Manager

Originally from Bartlett, Curtis joined Renowned in the Fall of 2017. He started as Steve’s first ever door-knocker and quickly worked his way up the ladder due to his ambition,…

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