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We’re Bringing Integrity Back to the Construction Industry

These days, typing the words “roofing company near me” into a search engine comes with a lot of anxiety. Unfortunately, our industry has developed a reputation for poor work and dishonest service. We’re sorry if you’ve been burned in the past by shady roofing contractors, but our team is ready to show you how it’s supposed to be done.

Hi, we’re Renowned Building Solutions, a roofing company near Chicago that operates with complete transparency and integrity. We provide top-quality roofing, siding, windows and gutters for homes and businesses and treat people with the dignity and respect they deserve. Experience the difference it makes when you enjoy working with your roofers.

Team from a roofing company near me

This is the story of why we care for you and your property as we would our own.

The Problem: Customers Deserve Better

It all started when our founder, Steve Staley, noticed a problem. Steve had worked in the construction industry for years. In that time, he’d witnessed countless local roofing contractors overpromising and underdelivering.

The only things these roofing companies near him cared about were making the sale and completing the job as quickly as possible. They had no concern about the people under the roof. Those poor souls were left to deal with the consequences of the roofers’ sloppy work.

For example, Steve knew of some Chicago roofers who would rip people off by not applying enough ice and water shield or replacing damaged flashing. They did things like this to save money and got away with it because those elements weren’t visible on the finished roof. Those companies were also often nowhere to be found when the inevitable roof leaks occurred.

Steve saw how wrong and needless this poor customer service was. He believed there was a way to do construction so that the customer, their home and the contractor could all benefit. It was this vision that inspired him to found Renowned Building Solutions in 2014.

The Solution: Put Customers First

Steve knew the best way to give people the service they deserve was for his local roofing company to be built on strong core values:

  • Transparent – Set clear expectations and use open communication.
  • Ethical – Perform all services the right way for the customer’s good.
  • Responsible – Be fully accountable for making your work the best it can be.
  • Trustworthy – Do your best work all the time without cutting corners.
  • Respectful – Always put the customer’s needs first.
  • Driven – Exceed customer expectations in all areas.

All these values put the customer first. As a company with integrity, each of our team members lives them out 100% of the time, and our reputation speaks for itself.

So, whether we’re meeting with you for a free inspection, helping you with a storm damage claim or cleaning up after installing your roof, you’ll always benefit from acts of integrity. For example, your new roof will have the right amount of ice and water shield and brand-new, watertight flashings to keep those pesky leaks away.

Aerial view of roofers working on a residential roof

The Journey: Fighting for What We Believe

To say our business had humble beginnings would be an understatement. We had basically no money when we started as a tiny roofing company in McHenry, IL. But what we did have was Steve’s strong vision for construction with integrity.

On that firm foundation, we managed to handle over 200 projects in our first year and have only grown from there. We gradually expanded from our initial service area of Northern Illinois into Southern Wisconsin, Indiana and North Carolina. To date, we’ve served over 4,000 homeowners and businesses.

Like all small businesses in recent years, we’ve battled a pandemic, labor shortages, supply chain delays and more. Yet, we’ve persisted through it all because of our passion for helping good people like you.

The Verdict: What Our Customers Are Saying

Our commitment to quality work and outstanding service means nothing if it doesn’t translate into satisfied customers. It’s the many positive customer testimonials like the ones listed below that confirm we’re achieving our mission.

The Future: Continuing to Change the Industry

The construction industry is continually evolving, but homeowners and business owners will always deserve excellent service. For that reason, our team doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

Our goal is to expand so that we can serve more homes and businesses throughout the country. We want to become a household name and normalize integrity in the industry so that all can benefit from the service they both need and deserve.

Everyone’s house should feel like a home. We’re here to help you make it that way.

Meet the Team

Our good-looking crew lives out our company’s core values to help folks like you every day. They’d love to meet you and help with your renovation needs.

Steve Staley

CEO & President

Steve founded our roofing company in McHenry, IL, in 2014. He’s passionate about helping others and enjoys playing guitar and taking his dog for rides in his truck in his spare time.

Amy Bentz

Financial Coordinator

Director of Finance

Amy helps our customers with all financial aspects of their projects, including insurance claims. In her free time, she enjoys going camping and kayaking with her family.

Anna DeForest

Junior Project Estimator

Project Estimator

Anna works with insurance companies to ensure our customers get the coverage they need. When she’s not working, she serves as an attentive nanny and is a major yoga enthusiast.

Ryan Johnson

Sales Manager

Ryan leads our sales team in its mission to give clients the respect and support they deserve. He also enjoys riding his motorcycle, collecting sneakers and playing with his daughter.

Ryan Golden

Production Manager

Ryan monitors our work to ensure all aspects of it live up to our exceedingly high standards. When he’s not managing projects, you can usually find him enjoying life with his dogs.

Lina Wilson

Production Assistant

Lina works alongside Ryan Golden to ensure all projects go according to plan. Her passions outside of work include going to concerts and spending time with her husband and four kids.

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