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Storm Damage to Your Roof?
Meet Your Allies for Claims and Restoration

Filing an insurance claim for hail or wind damage comes with a lot of stress and uncertainty. Will the insurance company view you negatively? Will your claim get approved? Are you going to receive a fair settlement to fix the storm damage to your roof?

We’re here to take these burdens off your shoulders! Our experienced team will navigate the storm damage claim process for you by properly filing your claim and fighting for the quality covered repairs you deserve. Contact us today to receive a free quote on your storm damage construction needs.

How Our Process Works for Storm Damage to Your Roof, Siding and Beyond

Realizing you have storm damage to your roof, siding, gutters or another crucial part of your home’s exterior is stressful enough. Filing a claim to fix those problems shouldn’t be. That’s why we make filing a storm damage claim and getting the repairs you need simple. The hardest thing you’ll have to do is pick the colors for your new roof or siding!

Here’s what you can expect from our four-step insurance claim process:

Residential roof with storm damage

1. Initial Inspection

We’ll thoroughly inspect and document all damage to your property on video. You’ll receive a clear explanation of the extent of the damage.

Paperwork for a homeowner’s insurance claim

2. File the Claim

If you qualify for a claim, we’ll help you file it. Then, we’ll meet with the insurance adjuster to present our findings and get the coverage you need.

Roofing contractor and homeowner shake hands after planning a repair project.

3. Plan for Repairs

Once we reach a settlement, we’ll sit down with you to plan the repairs. You’ll choose all materials and colors and sign off on the project.

Storm damage repairs completed by Renowned Building Solutions

4. Enjoy the Renovations

We’ll complete your repairs in 1-2 days and make sure you’re satisfied with our work. We’ll also be available if you need more help afterward.

Experienced Storm Damage Contractors

Storm damage insurance claims are a risky business. After all, frivolous filing can lead to denied claims and increased premiums. Our team has the experience to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. Here’s what makes us qualified to help:

  • Over 10 years of experience filing claims for homeowners
  • Millions of dollars of insurance claims settled
  • Licensed public adjusters on staff
  • Handle both commercial and residential losses
  • Familiar with all types of storm damage, including wind and hail

We can’t guarantee your claim for storm damage to your roof will be approved. However, we promise to never file unnecessary claims that may tarnish your reputation with your insurance company.

The Benefits of Choosing Us

Our mission is to make your life easier throughout the storm damage claim and restoration process. After all, we understand the stress and outright disbelief that can come after discovering storm damage to your roof or another vital part of your home’s exterior. When you have us on your side, you can expect to enjoy the following perks:

Understand the Damage

Get a clear perspective on the extent of the damage and your best path forward.

File the Right Way

Properly submit your claim with the detailed documentation needed for success.

Trust Strong Advocates

Our team will keep fighting for your insurance coverage even when claims get tough.

Reverse Failed Claims

We’ve taken on many failed claims from other contractors and got them approved.

Receive Quality Repairs

Beyond storm damage claim help, we also provide quality roofing, siding and more.

Enjoy Ethical Service

We’re all about integrity and transparency and always deliver on our promises.

Hear From Insurance Claim Customers We’ve Helped

Hear firsthand experiences of how we’ve helped our customers handle insurance claims below. You can also check out our testimonials page to read more customer reviews!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve never had storm damage to your roof or siding, it’s normal to have questions. But we want you to understand both the damage and the insurance claims process as thoroughly as possible. For this reason, we’ve answered a few frequently asked questions below. If you don’t see your question answered below, please contact us directly!

What is storm damage to a roof?

Storm damage to a roof (or other part of your home) is any problem that happens due to a severe weather event. Home or roof damage from hurricanes, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms or blizzards are considered storm damage. These problems may be caused by high winds, torrential rain, hail, flying debris or even lightning strikes.

What are the types of storm damage that can happen to a roof?

Storms can cause a range of damage types to your roof. A few of the most common examples include:

  • Cracks, dents, holes or tears in the roofing shingles, decking or underlayment
  • Peeling or lifting shingles
  • Holes directly through the roof, exposing your home’s interior
  • Roof leaks
  • General damage to the shingles, flashing, gutters and other roofing layers
  • Roof entirely ripped from home (in the most extreme circumstances)

At what wind speed does roof damage usually occur?

You may be surprised to learn that roof damage can begin at only 45 miles per hour wind speeds. At this speed, your roof may lose a few shingles, although the overall structure of your roof should be okay. Once wind speeds reach 75 miles per hour (or higher), you risk widespread storm damage to your roof.

What are some signs of storm damage to my roof?

Obvious signs of storm damage may include leaks, shingles in the yard or missing roof sections. Some storm damage signs are challenging to spot and could be missed. That’s why it’s a good idea to get a thorough roof inspection done following major storms or weather events.

Is storm damage to the roof covered by insurance?

Many types of roof damage from storms are covered, but you’ll need to read your specific insurance policy to know for sure. Some policies exclude specific types of damage, while others may limit how much they cover. One of our experts can help you determine what your policy covers, or you can call your insurance company for more detailed information.

How to prove storm damage to my roof?

Proving storm damage requires irrefutable evidence like videos or pictures. For this to be most effective, you’ll want images of your home before the damage. This doesn’t need to be done directly before the storm hits, just general photos of your home’s appearance. Working with a storm damage claim professional is your best bet in proving damage to your roof occurred during the storm.

What do I do if my storm damage insurance claim is denied?

You can always file an appeal if your insurance denied your storm damage claim. The process to file an appeal is slightly different than filing the original claim, and you may want a professional to help ensure it’s done correctly.

Storm Damage to Your Roof? Get Help Filing Your Claim Today!

Discovering storm damage to your roof, siding, gutters or other parts of your home’s exterior is stressful. Thankfully, you don’t have to struggle through the storm damage claim process alone. Instead, get dependable assistance from a contractor who has seen it all before and understands how to get you the settlement you need to fix your home.

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