Lina Wilson

Production Assistant Lina works alongside Ryan Golden to ensure all projects go according to plan. Her passions outside of work include going to concerts and spending time with her husband and four kids.

Ryan Golden

Production Manager Ryan monitors our work to ensure all aspects of it live up to our exceedingly high standards. When he’s not managing projects, you can usually find him enjoying life with his dogs.

Ryan Johnson

Sales Manager Ryan leads our sales team in its mission to give clients the respect and support they deserve. He also enjoys riding his motorcycle, collecting sneakers and playing with his daughter.

Anna DeForest

Junior Project Estimator

Project Estimator Anna works with insurance companies to ensure our customers get the coverage they need. When she’s not working, she serves as an attentive nanny and is a major yoga enthusiast.

Amy Bentz

Financial Coordinator

Director of Finance Amy helps our customers with all financial aspects of their projects, including insurance claims. In her free time, she enjoys going camping and kayaking with her family.

Steve Staley

CEO & President Steve founded our roofing company in McHenry, IL, in 2014. He’s passionate about helping others and enjoys playing guitar and taking his dog for rides in his truck in his spare time.