Quality Windows Will Save You Money!

When looking for ways to save money, your windows probably aren’t the first things that come to mind. In fact, the investment in window replacement can feel far more like a financial burden than a way to save some money. But the reality is that your existing windows could be literally throwing your money out the window.

Quality windows play a vital role in helping to maintain a strong air seal in your home. Heat lost through old windows can account for upwards of 25% of your HEATING BILL. Having a consistent, proper seal throughout your home is the main factor that keeps out unwanted drafts, helping your home to stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer without over working your air conditioner or furnace. So with that alone in mind, an appliance that is working less hard and less often is already saving you money on your heating and cooling bills, not to mention prolonging the life of the appliance itself and bringing the coziness back to every room in your home.

Having a properly sealed home isn’t just about keeping drafts out. Poor seals can allow unwanted pollutants and allergens into your home as well, which naturally will affect the air quality of your home and cause extra trouble for allergy sufferers. Going along with that, moisture will find it’s way in wherever it can which can lead to a whole new world of mold, mildew and dry rot problems, essentially costing you even more time and money.

Depending on the quality of your existing windows, you can expect to see a return on your investment in as little as two years, and continue to save money and your peace of mind for many years down the road. When you look at it this way, increasing the overall comfort, health and value of your home as well as positively affecting your peace of mind by something as simple as updating your old windows should be a no brainer.

If you’re ready for new windows or simply want assistance repairing what you currently have, Renowned Building Solutions in Crystal Lake is here for you. Contact Us to set up your free consultation!

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