Roof Repair vs. Replacement

Listen, this isn’t just another article telling you to replace your roof when it’s easily repairable. If your roof is within the lifespan and doesn’t show significant damage, repair may be the best option. On the other side of the coin, is the homeowner who tries to save his roof till the bitter end; often far beyond manufacturer specifications.

In my experience, I’ve encountered roofs with more than six different types of mismatched shingles varying in life-span of two years old to over 30. In these cases, replacement is, unfortunately, the only option.

To figure out which side your roof falls on, here are five reasons to repair instead of replace.

Age of your Roof
This is one of the biggest tells. If the age of your roof still falls way below manufacturer’s warranty, repair could be your best bet. Often newer roofs may have a shingle or two come off in high wind situations. There could also be just one improperly installed shingle. Whatever the case, if the age of your roof is significantly lower than the manufacturer’s warranty; look at ways to repair instead of replace.

Condition of your Shingles
There is another sign that keeps your roof eligible for repair, and it is the current condition of your shingles. Some roofs have been taken off the market for not living up to their lifespan. Others may have significantly more wear and tear due to climate, venting, and other factors. If the shingles themselves are in relatively good condition repair may be possible.

Quantity of Needed Repairs
Sometimes a roof’s repair may be more trouble than just replacing it. We inspected a roof years ago where the tar strip had completely failed on the shingles. The homeowner requested a quote to reseal every shingle on his roof. In this case, the repair process would have cost him just about the same as replacement due to the meticulous labor. A qualified roofer will be helpful in determining this if you are unsure.

Cause for Repair
There will be times when you are being told to take the less expensive road; maybe an insurance adjuster recommended repairs or your handyman suggested saving money by putting off buying a new roof because it was just a little wind. If the wind blew a shingle or two, but the roof is in otherwise great condition, repair could be a good choice.

On the other hand, if hail affects multiple full slopes and the adjuster is suggesting only repairs, it may be time to get another opinion. Numerous repairs in multiple sections could mean a new roof is the best way to fix it.

You Have Other Things to Worry About
Life is life, and roof replacements can get expensive. ‘Repair til forever’ has become many homeowners battle cry over the last decade; as long as the leak stops they’re happy.

There are many roofs we have walked away from because, as a company, we want to stand behind our work and warranty. On the other hand, there are a number of handymen who roof pretty well and would be happy making a few bucks and saving you a whole lot by trying to continue to patch the problems indefinitely.

The only problem with this method is by the time a full roof replacement is possible it is even more expensive due to bad plywood, new layers, excess in roof tar, etc.

I hope this answered a few of your questions in regards to Repairing vs. Replacing your Roof. If you have any more, please don’t hesitate to have us out for a FREE CONSULTATION.
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